Our Selective Team Members are Specialized Lawyers and Practitioners, each known as one of the best expert in the field of Law that he/she covers.

Charbel Abi-Antoun

Founder and Managing Partner

Joyce Saleh

Office Manager

Honorable Selim Osta

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Beirut Law Firm has expanded departments with independent structures within the legal auspices of Beirut Law firm, so that each department works independently by granting fully dedicated and focused services. Each of these departments is led by a Lawyer known as one of the best experts in the field of Law that he/ she practices.

Beirut Law Firm is the Only Law Firm in Lebanon having a fully independent department dedicated to Alternative Dispute Resolution, led by a Former Judge renowned for his integrity and objectivity.

Beirut Law Firm is proud to have Honorable Former Judge Selim Osta as the Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Department.

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