The International Trade Council is a peak-body chamber of commerce dedicated to promoting international trade, minimizing barriers, and fostering global commerce through education, networking, and insightful business intelligence to empower free global trade and equitable competition, drive economic growth, generate employment opportunities, and elevate living standards worldwide.

The International Trade Council has championed open markets, fair international competition, and trade liberalization for many years, guided by transparent, predictable, and multilaterally coordinated regulations. It connects the global business community, educational institutions, chambers of commerce and industry associations, and government entities, establishing public-private partnerships and creating specialized business councils for various industry sectors.

ITC helps members navigate the intricate world of international trade by simplifying processes and providing essential resources; with locally organized chapters operating in 28 countries and a diverse membership spanning 179 nations, it aims to provide essential knowledge, resources, skills, and guidance to members, regardless of their geographical location, to excel in international trade and achieve their professional goals.

ITC does not generate profits and has never done so. It is a collective of organizations unified by the shared objective of promoting international trade. Its membership comprises government trade and investment agencies, chambers of commerce and industry associations, and a series of sector-specific business council members who do not receive money for lobbying. Nor do solicit or accept donations of any kind.

ITC does not engage in lobbying; instead, it focuses on understanding and clarifying trade and investment rules in each country, maintaining open communication with foreign governments, and sharing information in a problem-solving manner. It believes education is the key to successful international trade rather than conflict. It does not take commissions on transactions nor charges 'introduction' fees for business. It is a collective peak-body chamber of commerce whose sole goal is to work for the good of international trade and its members.

International Trade Council